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Desperately in love with my own OCs.

Yo Baby Lets Play.

remember when you used to be a rascal by muxloe

Hi Ladies and Gents!
Ffranses/Ffru - Ceramics&Design Student
Happily taken - INFJ

Likes: Video Games, Music, Cats, Rabbits, Pretty Men
Dislikes: Pushy people, dead insects, babies.

Skype by luishayes My Skype is princeffranses!
Let me know who you are from DA, Im up for a chat!

I love RP and I'm im so not ashamed XD
Welsh and Proud by l8
Icons! <3
Niromir Icon by LynnTV:PC: Thelieutenant by elsensGA: TheLieutenant by Leodrolf
Ellie by Splder-Queenthelieutenant icon by ketchup-issuescredit to TheLieutenant by 46odnetnin

Oh! Flowers? mmm Flowers <3

By the super cool rizusaur!

My Mantibab!


black divider by ToxiceStea

Mantibabs = PhloxeButt

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Unicloud aka Snowdon Lily


black divider by ToxiceStea

My kind of vent. by TheLieutenant

Kebanzu = Aviator33
Lily = Mine

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

My Marshall <3


black divider by ToxiceStea

Marshall Santagos. by TheLieutenant

My lovely OC of over 8 years.
He is my world and my strength.
Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Lovely people <3

Total Sweethearts.

:iconthelandbaby::iconcolonel-motivation::iconpinkdoge::icon4tigri::iconxserzus::iconpawne::iconinanagi::iconiisues::iconninjascrag::icontaunii::iconsplder-queen::iconindycat: :iconlady-of-black10::iconmadiloves:


:iconethundering: :iconsancey: :iconkippthecoon: :iconmidnightpanther818: :iconyaimao:


Lieutenants Monthly Raffle!

Raffle Time!

:star: ONE MONTH PM RAFFLE!!:star:
On the 1st of every Month I hold a Raffle that offers a 1 month membership and sometimes extra prizes, be they from me or donated by generous members!!
Its only open for the first week of the month!:heart:
Next Months Raffle
1 Month Premium Membership
Custom Kidauren Creature
Kidauren reference sheet by TheLieutenant
Art From:
Simply Comment on the Raffle Journal when its running!
You don't have to watch me!
Prizes can be donated to other members or accounts.
Last Months winner cannot participate in the next month.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns
MONTHLY PM RAFFLE WINNERCongrats to :iconSeaDrops:!
You've won all these lovely things and a months PM to do what you want with!!
:star:1 MONTH PM!!:star:
Its the 1st of the Month, so its Raffle time!
:star:You'll win a 1 Month Premium Membership
:star: A piece of art from the generous :iconDismalOssuary:
:star: A coloured Sketch from the impossibly lovely :iconMuxloe:
:star: A pretty art piece from :iconLoniicera:
:star: Art from super duper :iconSTARK0I:
:star: A Custom Kidauren Creature

The winner will be picked randomly after 1 week!
The winner may donate the PM to a friend if they like! 
I will not, however convert the PM into points. 
Last months winner cannot win again.
Multiple comments don't count as multiple entries, one per person sorry!
And yes I do check, thoroughly XP

:star: Last Months Winner: :star:

Snowdon Lily

I <3 Flowers

By the fantastic bunnibel
Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Things for Others <3

Music I quite like right now.

TheLieutenant's Line up by reidish

Glitch Mob


Rival Consoles

Regina Spektor - Samson

Lana Del Ray - Young and Beautiful

Lana Del Ray - Once Upon a Dream

Flo & The Machine


Custom Kidauren
Kidauren reference sheet by TheLieutenant
A Custom Kidauren of any of the three types:

Simply have a gander at the ref sheet then drop me a note!

These custom slots are ones that I will design to your specs that follow the species.
Once I get more done and have nice ref sheets, Customs will be 'self customs' ones you can do yourself :3
But for now, I'll be doing them.
(Plus it gives me a chance to get to grips with them and iron out kinks! :3)

(Please dont send payment before I say I can do it <3)


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EarthHart Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank'ee kindly m'deer Thank you! Thank you! for the favour you's granted me work :D (Big Grin)
It's muchly appreciated :hug::rose:
MUTANERDA Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
very good trallama
hunterN05 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
I haven't heard from my favorite Welsh Girl in forever ;-;
Where have you been hiding?
thanks for the favorite also
TheLieutenant Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artisan Crafter
On my phone in the bath is where i am, work is where ive been XD
finishing off a butt ton of stuff, (including yours :P) this week!
So inactive.. barely had a moment to myself.
Im gonna explode XD

Howve you been lovely Chu-D???
Loving the knives btw, super cute lil one walking dead style is my fave!!
I have a recurve bow, but id love a good knife. 
Of course, girlies dont get knives for birthdays.. so oh well. XD 
Ill get my dream one eventually!
(And my dream bow..omg.)
hunterN05 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
:iconorlyowlplz: Bath you say? :eyes: and work, yay! :D
Woot :3 awesome! ^^
I've been inactive on some sites, I know ya feelz.
Don't explode! D: I'd miss ya ;-;

Oh, somewhat good I suppose, L-Bomb.
I just recently got a tablet so I've been practicing with that :3
And I'm trying to move to Cali... not going so well ;o;
Thanks so much! :D I'm glad you like them ^^
Aww you have a bow ;o; I'm so jelly.
I want a bow.
X3 I'd get you one for your birthday X3 if I had monies~
I bet you will ^^
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