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The Adventure is yours...

Ffru (Froo) | Welsh | Dumbass | INFJ | Taken

I Love
Rp | Skyrim | Fallout! | Tera Online | Dreamies | Czylphs | Purple
Kanti | Strawberry Laces | Shipping OCs | Starfighter | BL | Yuri
:star:Bro/Son/Man I use as terms of endearment. Gender regardless. :star:

The Beats.

To do list!

To Do List:

:star:Custom Kidauren:star:
Vrisky Kiriban
polterqueist Trade Custom
Stuff might take me a while sometimes. Please ask me how your stuff is going, I will happily tell you.
:star:Waiting On:star:
muxloe Pixel <3
:star: MYO To Do! :star:
Astro Beast

:bulletpurple: Image credit - Roman by EllieSprings :bulletpurple:

Late Nights and Early Mornings.

Buy me a coffee at
Thanks for the donation - Im in coffee poverty.
In return, just drop me a reference in a note with a message if you like,
I'll do you a little 'Thank you' gift sketch! Nothing fancy, just something cute in a style of my choice!
This isn't a proper commission, just something optional!
But those are open too :3

*Quietly copies leosbi because they're A+++

Name my waterdog! 

1 deviant said I'm just stuck XD
No deviants said
No deviants said Any gender names will do! <3


MY CAT JUST PEED ALL OVER MY BUSINESS CARDS FOR NO DAMN REASON. OMFG. Now I have no cards for my exhibition on Monday! I'm gonna cry! One more thing going wrong and i swear its gonna be anxiety central up in this biz.
Fri Feb 12, 2016, 11:07 AM
feeling really alone on this place over the past What's going on?
Tue Jan 12, 2016, 3:58 PM
why won't people reply to my comments or read my notes? like friends are just ignoring me??
Tue Jan 12, 2016, 3:56 PM
am I getting the silent treatment?
Tue Jan 12, 2016, 3:55 PM
what's going on? why am I the only one over the past week why isn't responded to on journals or notes when people are replying to everyone else? like wtf have I done?
Tue Jan 12, 2016, 3:54 PM



:iconguada898: :iconshygreenyoshi: :iconriverpaw2000: :iconhadh: :iconstarry-sun:


Dog Adopt Row 3
300 point adopt.
Dog Adopt row 1 + 2
400 point adopt
YCH Simple
Fishling YCH flat, no shading or theme
YCH Shaded
Fishling YCH shaded with optional christmas theme!

:star: If you want a themed one, please state which number you want when you send the points!

1. Christmas santa Hat
2. Holly leaves
3. Sleigh Bells

...make it a good one.


commissions: black by themaunster open
trades: black by themaunster closed
customs: black by themaunster closed
gifts: black by themaunster friends
request: black by themaunster friends

:bulletpurple: Roman by PhloxeButt
:bulletpurple: Pixel by NinjaHermit

Roman is a headstrong Kanti! Protective and quick to anger but very loving.
Single and lookin for a Kanti boyfrind <3

Journals of note.


:star:COMMISSIONS - OPEN:star:

Commissions [OPEN]
If anyone would be so kind as to share this, I'd be forever grateful ; n ;
Not doing too bad anymore so no longer an emergency! 
These seem expensive but my currency is £. The $ is a lot less than the £ and $ really dont go very far when converted.
I need $ but i'll be prepared to take points even though it wont clear soon enough, I'll just have to owe it to someone when it does clear!
100 = $1 you know the drill.
$5 per character
so +1 character = +$10 etc

complicated/detailed character:
$10 per complex chara.
so +1 = $20 ect

:star:Fullbody Female:star:
$15-$30 depending on complexity



:star: TRADE HUB :star:

Asteroid Ren Fair for trade. LF Kanti!
Ive had this babe a year now and I love his design but I just really dont like drawing him at all.
He's very time consuming and I dont enjoy it anymore.
I also dont feel that attached to him since I got my dream RenFair 8 months or so ago who's just my utter one true Ren love.
I think Ateroid is the most stunning Ren in the world, but I'm not really into keeping things just because theyre pretty.
Having said that, I wont trade him for just anything and I'm not selling him. 
Sure Im pretty damn desperate for cash right now but he's not for sale.

He comes with a lot of art, including one stunning piece omfg.
He doesnt come with his human form. That design is mine and I'm going to alter it for something else.
You may not use that.
:star::star:I will only trade him for a Kanti.:star::star:
Love black ones, not really into pink ones.
:bulletred: I'm not tentative. I AM picky. If I dont see anything I like, I

:bulletpurple:Image credit - Roman by Alunaa :bulletpurple:


:star: :star: :star:

You can offer on my characters if you have one of the following!
:bulletpurple: Kanti
:bulletpurple: Czylph
:bulletpurple: Dreamy

Unfortunately for you, I'm impervious to guilt tripping.
So if you complain to me about how much you want something of mine, well sorry bub, no dice. ( = u = ) b

:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:
This page is under construction still!! Its one massive work in progress!


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Nice stuff. :) What program do you use for art pieces?
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